As an added bonus our ADSL Capped and Dial-up customers get 500MB free AlwaysOn Hotspot access each and every month.

Our ADSL Uncapped customers can get up to 1GB  free AlwaysOn Hotspot access each and every month dependent on Uncapped package.

Uncapped 384kbps = 384MB, 

Uncapped 512kbps = 512MB,

Uncapped 1024kbps and up with 1GB. 

Staying in a hotel? Waiting for your plane at the airport? Then let AlwaysOn Hotspot access come to your rescue. Because sometimes you just need to be mobile.

Offering the most extensive Wi-Fi hotspot network in Southern Africa and more international roaming agreements than all other South African Wi-Fi hotspot providers combined, you’re never far from always-on always-fast mobile coverage.


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