Uncapped DSL

Package Speed Monthly Cost
Lite ADSL Uncapped 2048** 2048Kbps R228.95 Buy Now
Lite ADSL Uncapped 10240** 10240Kbps R647.37 Buy Now
ADSL Uncapped 384 384Kbps R79.82 Buy Now
ADSL Uncapped 512 512Kbps R120.18 Buy Now
ADSL Uncapped 1024k 1024Kbps R160.53 Buy Now
ADSL Uncapped 2048 2048Kbps R273.68 Buy Now
ADSL Uncapped 4096 ( Promotional Offer ) 4096Kbps R346.49 Buy Now
ADSL Uncapped 6144 6144Kbps R508.77 Buy Now
ADSL Uncapped 8192 8192Kbps R786.84 Buy Now
ADSL Uncapped 10240 ( Promotional Offer ) 10240Kbps R1048.25 Buy Now
  • Overview

Same connection as ADSL, but no limits! Download what you want, when you want, whatever the size. These lines are semi-shaped. Prices are dependent on line speed required.

**Lite ADSL products have been designed for general email and basic web browsing, allows only 1 concurrent connection with higher shaping policies during office hours. This product is recommend for moderate home use.

  • What you get

Bonus Features
  • 100 MB Hotspot Access
  • 100 MB Mailbox
  • Fax2Email
  • 2 Concurrent Connections
  • Port Locking
  • Low Contention Bandwidth
  • Online Usage Graphs
  • 1 Connection Lite Products
  • Spam Filter
  • Anti Virus
  • No Cap
Billing and Support
  • Month to month contract
  • Debit Orders/Credit Card Payments
  • Online / Email Invoices
  • 24/7 Email Telephonic Support

  • What you Need

A router - the modem-like box that the phone line and computer connect to.
A post-paid Telkom line - the usual voice phone we all know and love.
ADSL-enabled Telkom line - the same Telkom line, with an active ADSL service on it. Don't stress if you don't have one ... we can sort it for you.