Capped DSL

Package Bandwidth Monthly Cost
PLuGG 1 1 GB R14.12 Buy Now
PLuGG 2 2 GB R26.23 Buy Now
PLuGG 3 3 GB R39.34 Buy Now
PLuGG 4 4 GB R52.45 Buy Now
PLuGG 5 5 GB R65.57 Buy Now
PLuGG 6 6 GB R78.68 Buy Now
PLuGG 7 7 GB R91.79 Buy Now
PLuGG 8 8 GB R104.91 Buy Now
PLuGG 9 9 GB R118.02 Buy Now
PLuGG 10 10 GB R131.15 Buy Now
  • Overview

A capped ADSL account has a set amount of data per month. The speed is based on your ADSL line, not your monthly limit, so it works on any line "speed". Plus: no bill surprises - you always know what you'll be billed at the beginning of each month.

  • What you get

Bonus Features
  • 100 MB Hotspot Access
  • 100 MB Mailbox
  • Additional Local Access
  • Fax2Email
  • 3 Concurrent Connections
  • Port Locking
  • Unshaped Bandwidth
  • Online Usage Graphs
  • Spam Filter
  • Anti Virus
  • Top Ups: R37/GB
Billing and Support
  • Month to month contract
  • Debit Orders/Credit Card Payments
  • Online / Email Invoices
  • 24/7 Email/Telephonic Support

  • What you Need

A router - the modem-like box that the phone line and computer connect to.
A post-paid Telkom line - the usual voice phone we all know and love.
ADSL-enabled Telkom line - the same Telkom line, with an active ADSL service on it. Don't stress if you don't have one ... we can sort it for you.