Telkom Lines

Package Speed Monthly Cost
384K ADSL Line 384K ADSL Line R166.45 Buy Now
512K/1024K ADSL Line 512K/1024K ADSL Line R166.45 Buy Now
2048K ADSL Line 2048K ADSL Line R301.62 Buy Now
4096K/10240K ADSL Line 4096K/10240K ADSL Line R416.62 Buy Now
  • Overview

The physical copper line that connects you to the web, provided by Telkom, is a necessity. You also need to have a post-paid Telkom telephone account. So far so good? Great. Then we step in - Forget dealing with the phone company- deal direct with PLuGG and let us handle the connection of your ADSL line. Plus you’ll get the convenience of one bill for everything – line, account, the lot! See our bundles (link) section for more info. Note that your area needs to be ADSL-enabled.Click hereto check if ADSL is available in your area. Three different line speeds are available – 384kb/s for light users, 512kb/s for medium users and 4MB/s for the gamers and video-streamers out there. Yet another benefit is that your line rental through PLuGG is on a month-to month basis - no long contracts tying you up.

  • What you get

Bonus Features
  • Telkom Line Monitoring
  • Telkom Line Monitoring
  • Telkom support on your behalf
Billing and Support
  • Month to month contract
  • Debit Orders/Credit Card Payments
  • Online / Email Invoices
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • 24/7 Telephonic Support

  • What you Need

A router - the modem-like box that the phone line and computer connect to.
A post-paid Telkom line - the usual voice phone we all know and love.
An ADSL Account - choose from any of our Capped, Uncapped or Pre Paid Accounts.